The outlook of transformers

All lamps are LED design to lower storage battery load and increase the light penetrating power in darkness. The Zontes250-S light can lower the level of light attenuation degree which the traditional lamps can’t do.

Beautiful color matching

To solve the problem of color change and faint after long time sunlight blazing, Zontes 250-S is designed as different parts for the parts which need to be appliqué.

After stoving varnish alone, we combine all the parts into a whole. It makes the parts more beautiful and more convenient for the customers to match the color they like.

High-tech fuel tank design

Double galvanized sheet fuel tank

The tank adopts double galvanized sheet, put an end to fuel tank rust phenomenon

 dull polish oil painting technology

The dull polish oil painting technology has been developed for over 3 years. The oil-resistance and rotproofness performance is much better than the other brands in the market. Also, we use robot painting throughout the process in order to get unique and impressive colors.

360 degree position rotating rearview mirror

Clever 360 degree position rotating design can eliminate your trouble of adjusting the symmetry of both left side and right side of the rearview mirror.

 All LED automatic digital instruments

All automatic digital instruments

LED display digital instrument is clear and simple. Arrangement of progressive type speed light is very novel because we get rid of the traditional machinery type front wheel output line structure. We change it to improved electronic sensor combination instrument intelligent processing chip. It is not only accurate but also dustproof.

 Center- control anti-theft lock

Integrated design of the center-control anti-theft lock put the fuel tank cap, head lock, cushion lock, ignition lock and anti-theft lock together into the center of the motorcycle head. It is really convenient to use.

 Focus on the drivers is the key idea of our design philosophy

 Comfortable cushion

Breaking the traditional ways of process to form sponge and then pack the outside cover, we change it to the advance process to first form the outside cover and then fill in sponge. By making it in this way, the cushion would be without several layers, wrinkle-resistance, deformation-resistance and with sharp edge and corners. This kind of designs can only be used in foreign motorcycles with the price level of over 100 thousand RMB.


 Rear shock absorption

Rear shock absorption is using the design of built-in high pressure nitrogen airbag filling. This design can lower the temperature of hydraulic oil and at the same time provide bigger restoration damping force. Moreover, high-pressure nitrogen inside can also change the internal characteristics of air spring shock absorber. It can increase the comfort of riding and you won’t feel tired after long time's ride.

Super wide tires

Wide tire is the most important symbol of racers. The standard configuration of Zontes 250-S, 150 wide tires have only 55% flatness ratio which is even rear in refitted vehicle.

Hollow aluminum alloy die casting tires can greatly decrease the weight of the tires to make the starting faster. Front and rear tires are dedicated radial tire track whose grip is wonderful and out-of-shape-resistance.

All automatic robot weilding

All automatic robot weilding technology combined with Low splash weilding technology makes the frame of Zontes250-S never to be weilding deformation. What’s more, it is clean inside the frame to form a natural sump.

Super Strong Power

Super Strong Power

Following the idea of high performance, fuel-efficient and durable, we design a unique low speed large torque and wind and oil cooling engine. When the engine is in 5000 r/s low speed condition, the motorcycle speed can reach 85 kilometers/hour. It is almost without rival in starting and overtaking. The oil consumption in every hundred kilometer when the speed is 60 kilometers/hour is only 2.3 liters.


Double overhead camshafts, four valves, added with Delphi fuel ejection system make the engine easily fulfill the requirement of TUV EUREGAP highest standard and get the certificate of Germany Ministry of Communication. At the same time, it greatly improve the low temperature starting performance.


Unique double oil pump design making the traditional gear splash lubrication mode shifting to inputting oil pump high pressure oil lubrication parts injection lubrication, put all the hot oil in the engine to draw the frame of extracorporeal circulation cooling, which greatly reduces the engine temperature, significantly prolong the service life of the engine.


the engine is also using the world leading all aluminum cylinder without cylinder liner technology to make the cylinder wall and the piston to form the same thermal dilation amount so as to get rid of the noise; the super thin cylinder wall is also easier for heat dissipation.


built-in balance shaft, external oil isolator, low damping isolation air filter, stainless steel muffler, all of the above are the highlight of Zontes250-S super engine.

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